Recovering from a run

The only way to restore clothing or bed linen that have run in the washing machine is to soak clothing or clothes in a bath of hot water and bleach (one bottle cap per litre of water). Also prepare a tub or bucket of cold, clean water next to the bath.

But take care ! this procedure is tricky and you can not leave the garment, cloth or bed linen unattended.

Do not take your eyes of it, even for a second, and stir frequently with a wooden spatula. As soon as you see the slightest colour change, which can take only a few seconds, remove the cloth or garment immediately and soak it at once into the prepared bucket or tub.

It is better to repeat this operation as many times as necessary rather than leaving the linen or clothing too long in a bleach solution.

Once the dye or colour has been eliminated, launder the linen or garment as usual to remove the smell of bleach, preferably on its own or without dark coloured cloth or garment that might be affected by the bleach.

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